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Barbell Forward Lunge - Long



  • Grasp the bar with a wide grip , the forearms will be vertical
  • Position the barbell across the back of shoulders
  • Staring at a fixed point may improve balance during the exercise
  • Your feet should be no more than shoulder width apart


  • Take a large stride forward, landing first with the heel then the toes.
  • Bend the front knee and hip, carefully lowering the rear knee to the floor
  • A short lunge will emphasis the quadracepts, however the knee should not be forward of toes
  • A long lunge will emphasis the gluteus-maximus however. Returning to standing may be harder


  • Push back hard with the front leg, extending the knee then hip
  • Keep the torso vertical throughout the whole exercise
Type: Strength
Duration: seconds per repitition
Rest Periods:


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